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Cruel thieves steal £6k worth of food from school meant for kids of key workers

Shameless thieves deprived the children of key workers food after ransacking a school kitchen.

The burglars broke into Gosfield School, near Braintree, Essex, on Friday and took four commercial-sized freezers of food, dry food and all the chilled food from the fridges.

It is estimated £6,000 worth of food was taken in the raid.

But the school has been “overwhelmed” with support after strangers donated food and freezers to cater for the youngsters.

Caro Daniels, a senior member of staff at the school, said: “We’ve had so many offers of help. Restaurants that haven’t been able to use their food. People ringing and saying, ‘We will give you money’. People have offered to lend us freezers.

“We have seen the very worst of humanity and the very best of it today.”

The school has now had enough food donated, and places to store it, to last it until the end of the term on Friday.

Essex Police, though, are still investigating the burglary and helping staff.

Ms Daniels added: “They took about £6,000 worth of food. All of the dry goods, even the catering equipment, things like clingfilm, plastic rubber gloves, literally everything they could get their hands on.

“It was a big shock, especially on Mother’s Day. We’ve got some families where mums are critical care nurses in intensive care. And they don’t want to be sending their children to school, but they’ve got to.

“And to have to phone them up, and say, oh, by the way, can you make your child a packed lunch? Yeah, it’s just, you know, it’s just not what they need at the moment.”